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Newcomer Integration and Academic Support in Newfoundland and Labrador
Xuemei Li, Hua Que
Dec 20, 2018
This article extracts eight points for discussion from many years of research in newcomer academic support and social integration in Newfoundland and Labrador. These points include: transportation to school for newcomer...
Insights into the Origin of High Activity of Ni<sub>5</sub>P<sub>4</sub>(0001) for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is directly relevant to green hydrogen production from water splitting. Recently, a low-cost Ni5P4 material has been demonstrated experimentally and theoretically to...
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Study on Water-Atmosphere Interface Distribution and Concentration Fluctuation Intensities of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Great Lake
In this study, the water-atmosphere interfaces distribution and concentration fluctuation intensities of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Great Lake were analyzed. Based on the selected significant quantum descriptors...
Numerical simulations of oil spill trajectories in the Danjiangkou Reservoir in China
Oil spills in surface water happen each year in the world and significantly damage water quality and ecosystems. Numerical simulation of oil spill trajectories is helpful for risk assessment and risk controlling. Previous...
Brain Tumor Segmentation From Multimodal MRI Data Based on GLCM and SVM Classifier
Na Li, Zheng Yang
Oct 01, 2021
The segmentation of MRI brain tumors utilizes computer technology to segment and label tumors and normal tissues automatically on multimodal brain images, which plays an important role in disease diagnosis, treatment planning...
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Relatively-Integrated Ship Navigation by H¥ Fusion Filters
For the system with unknown statistical property noises, the property that the energies of the system noise and the observation noise are limited is utilized in this paper. On this basis, two novel fusion algorithms are proposed...
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Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education
Renee Dumaresque
Dec 14, 2019
This review highlights features of the anthology Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education: Mapping the Long View, edited by  by Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Eve Tuck, and K. Wayne Yang.
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Precision Marketing
The development of artificial intelligence technology has greatly helped social productivity and economic growth. At the same time, we have changed modern marketing methods, provided technical assistance for precision marketing...
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Newcomers, Creative Spaces, and Connection Through Art
Historically, the island of Newfoundland has had  a culturally homogeneous population. For this reason, newcomers report a distressing insider/outsider dynamic of disconnect and challenges accessing local social support systems...
An Efficient Method of Tooth Segmentation Under Massive Medical Data
To accurately and efficiently complete tooth segmentation from a large amount of oral medical data, the burden of doctors should be reduced. An automatic seed picking method based on 2D projection of the occlusal plane was...
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The Effect of Online Reviews on Movie Box Office Sales
Due to the rapidly growth of social media, potential moviegoers always depend on the online reviews to make their purchase decisions. Film companies need to know what aspects of reviews will drive sales up or down. This study...
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Woher kommt die Hyle? Eine Analyse zur Landgrebeschen Antwort
Ying-Chien Yang
Apr 22, 2021
In der vorliegenden Arbeit befasse ich mich mit der Problematik derEmpfindung, bzw. der Hyle, in Husserls Phänomenologie und derentsprechenden Auslegung von Ludwig Landgrebe. Husserl verwendet denBegriff der Empfindung, bzw. der...
An Empirical Analysis of Psychological Factors Based on EEG Characteristics of Online Shopping Addiction in E-Commerce
Jinke Yang
Nov 01, 2021
With the popularity of the Internet and the in-depth development of e-commerce, online shopping has broken through the time, space and geographical restrictions, and has attracted extensive attention from various social groups....
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Research on Robot-Based Gesture Interactive Decoration Design
Liu Yang
Feb 21, 2022
Recently, automata have become a research hott spot in various countries for a wide range of applications in areas such as security, entertainment, and industry. We designed a mobile robot which is based on gesture control with...
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Effect of Technological Innovation Inputs on Global Value Chains Status
Shuili Yang, Yang Yi
Sep 01, 2021
Under the backdrop of the continuous escalation of the Sino—U.S. trade friction, China's industrial development environment in global value chains (GVCs) has further deteriorated, research on the improvement GVC status of the...
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Discursive Construction of News Values in the Headline
The paper makes a discursive analysis of the news value construction in the headlines of new media news. The data chosen is 59 news headlines on coverage of Zimbabwe Crisis released in the apps of BBC from November 6th to...
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Challenges Encountered During Synchronous Online Collaborative Writing via Google Docs
Mufeeda Irshad
Nov 01, 2022
This study investigated (1) the challenges encountered by a heterogeneous group of first year undergraduates during a synchronous on-line collaborative writing activity conducted through Google Classroom using Google Docs and...
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Integration of Bricolage and Institutional Entrepreneurship for Internet Finance
This article describes how current research on the institutional entrepreneurship process tends to ‘design principles.' There is lack of research on mechanism and strategy of the institutional bricolage, especially for Internet...
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Point of View in Translator's Style
Yang Liu
Oct 31, 2022
Based on self-built parallel and comparable corpora, this paper explores the translator's style manifested in two Chinese translations of Moment in Peking (one by Zhang Zhenyu and the other by Yu Fei). The findings demonstrate...
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Peer Influence in the Adoption of Video Games
The authors investigate how peer influence affects customers' product adoption behaviors in emerging video game platforms. Understanding peer influence is critical to motivating users' willingness to purchase and improving game...
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Corn Disease Detection Based on an Improved YOLOX-Tiny Network Model
In order to detect corn diseases accurately and quickly and reduce the impact of corn diseases on yield and quality, this paper proposes an improved object detection network named YOLOX-Tiny, which fuses convolutional attention...
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Fault Recognition for Mechanical Arm by Using Relative Margin SVM
Dongzhe Yang
Apr 01, 2022
Monitoring and detecting faults during the operation of the manipulator is the prerequisite for fault recognition and safe operation. Accurate classification of mechanical arm faults can support to effectively eliminate...
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Information Management in the Logistics and Distribution Sector Using Metaheuristic Techniques
Pengbo Yang
Oct 01, 2022
Information systems (IS) influence logistic and distribution management on sourcing, planning, delivery, and levels ranging from strategic operations to organizational strategy. Information management is a challenging task in...
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Adversarial Reconstruction CNN for Illumination-Robust Frontal Face Image Recovery and Recognition
This article proposes an adversarial reconstruction convolution neural network (ARCNN) for non-uniform illumination frontal face image recovery and recognition. The proposed ARCNN includes a reconstruction network and a...
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Water Resources Security Evaluation Based on Matter Element Model in the Yellow River Basin
Water resource is a major limitation of human survival and development. Water security assessment is an important task in the environmental  protection and control of water. The solution to assess the grade of water security  in...