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Obligatory, Optional and Contrastive Occurrences of KE Modern Persian
Jalal Rahimian
Jul 18, 2013
The function of particles like ke in modern Persian varies according to context. As a morphosyntactic element with a range of roles, it functions as a subordinator, an adverbial conjunction, a focus marker and an interrogative...
Nima Sadat-Tehrani
Aug 01, 2013
This paper deals with a construction in Persian called here the Indifference-ke Construction (or IKC). This construction has the structure A ke B, where A is a clause (minimally a verb), ke is a particle, and B is a verb, a...
An Intra-Prediction Mode-Based Video Steganography With Secure Strategy
In this paper, an intra-prediction mode (IPM)-based video steganography with secure strategy was proposed for H.264 video stream. First of all, according to the property of IPM conversion after calibration, a content-adaptive...
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A HEVC Video Steganalysis Against DCT/DST-Based Steganography
The development of video steganography has put forward a higher demand for video steganalysis. This paper presents a novel steganalysis against discrete cosine/sine transform (DCT/DST)-based steganography for high efficiency...
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Multiple Fusion Strategies in Localization of Local Deformation Tampering
Tampering with images may involve the field of crime and also bring problems such as incorrect values to the public. Image local deformation is one of the most common image tampering methods, where the original texture features...
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Design Frameworks for Mobile Health Technology
Ke Zhang, Ayse Aslan
Jan 01, 2022
The World Health Organization envisions that mobile health (mHealth) technologies will revolutionize healthcare to help people around the world. This review examined recent literature to assess the state-of-the-art of mHealth...
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Water Resources Security Evaluation Based on Matter Element Model in the Yellow River Basin
Water resource is a major limitation of human survival and development. Water security assessment is an important task in the environmental  protection and control of water. The solution to assess the grade of water security  in...
An Empirical Study on Impact of Management Capabilities for the Multinational Company's Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Ke Zong, Zheng Wang*
Mar 22, 2022
Based on the deep learning (DL) theory, the study takes the multinational corporation technology company A as the research target, and explores the impact of information technology (IT) management capabilities on the sustainable...
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Yangshan Island Deep-Water Port Project, Shanghai, China
Jing Xu
Apr 09, 2013
Shanghai was designed as the center of marine shipping in China. Shanghai is located at east of China and on the verge of the East China Sea. In addition, The Yangzi River and Qiantang River are surrounding the city and access...
Researchers’ Positioning
Xiaolin Xu
Mar 17, 2017
The researcher’s role as an insider or outsider has been a controversial issue over the last few decades. There has been a heated debate about how researchers position themselves in the relationship to the groups they are...
Exploring the Effect of Syntactic Alignment on Chinese-English Bilinguals' Code-switched Sentence Production
Mengling Xu
Jul 01, 2021
As one of the most common language phenomena in bilingual settings, code-switching has been studied widely to explore its nature and features. In the current study, the author set out to explore the effect of syntactic alignment...
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Data Privacy Protection Algorithm Based on Redundant Slice Technology in Wireless Sensor Networks
He Xu, Peng Li, Chao Xu
Jan 01, 2021
In order to solve the problem that the privacy preserving algorithm based on slicing technology is incapable of dealing with packet loss, this paper presents the redundancy algorithm for privacy preserving. The algorithm...
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Research on Value-Added Effect of Venture Capital on Enterprises Based on Data Mining Technology
Nini Xu
Feb 21, 2022
Based on data mining technology, this paper introduces venture capital, which is an external strategic investor factor, and takes the maximization of enterprise value as the goal, and discusses the characteristics of the optimal...
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Water Supply-Demand Management under Climate Change
This study aimed to investigate optimal multiple reservoir operations and water demand management considering climate change impact. In this study, conditional density estimation network creation and evaluation (CaDENCE) method...
Development of a risk rank model for environmental risk assessment of abrupt water pollution accidents - with the case of Laoguan River Basin
In recent years, abrupt water pollution accidents have broken out frequently in watersheds and caused huge environmental and economic losses. These accidents have become one of the most serious environmental problems in China....
Autonomous Motivation and Information Security Policy Compliance
Many existing studies focus on the effect of external influence mechanisms (e.g., deterrence) impacting information security policy compliance (ISPC). This study explores the formation of ISPC from an autonomous motivation...
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Research on the Mediating Effect of Corporate Governance Behavior Between GEM and Governance Performance of Listed Companies on the Growth Enterprise
At the end of 2019, the sudden attack of the COVID-19 brought huge challenges to the management, operation and development of listed companies. In view of the suddenness of the epidemic, the internal governance of listed...
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A Study on Pollution in Livestock and Poultry Breeding in Shiyan City
With the investigation and research of agricultural ecology situation, the pollution characteristics of livestock manure were indicated by the statistical analysis of data as well as the effect of livestock and poultry breeding...
Comparative Reviews vs. Regular Consumer Reviews
This study proposes and evaluates the effect of “mixed” comparative reviews on review value and compares the results with “separate” comparative and regular reviews. A total of 201 subjects have participated in the experiment...
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Fitness Distance Correlation Strategy for Solving the RGV Dynamic Scheduling Problem
Rail guide vehicle (RGV) problems have the characteristics of fast running, stable performance, and high automation. RGV dynamic scheduling has a great impact on the working efficiency of an entire automated warehouse. However...
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Lossless Data Hiding in LWE-Encrypted Domains Based on Key-Switching
This paper proposes a lossless data hiding scheme in learning with errors (LWE)-encrypted domain based on key-switching technique. Lossless data hiding and extraction could be realized by a third party without knowing the...
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Research on the Realization of Travel Recommendations for Different Users Through Deep Learning Under Global Information Management
Xu Zhang, Yuegang Song
Sep 01, 2021
This article is mainly to study the realization of travel recommendations for different users through deep learning under global information management. The personalized travel route recommendation is realized by establishing...
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HEVC Information-Hiding Algorithm Based on Intra-Prediction and Matrix Coding
Yong Liu, Dawen Xu
Nov 01, 2021
Aiming at the problem that the data hiding algorithm of high efficiency video coding (HEVC) has great influence on the video bit rate and visual quality, an information hiding algorithm based on intra prediction mode and matrix...
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The Construction and Optimization of an AI Education Evaluation Indicator Based on Intelligent Algorithms
Yu Zeng, Xing Xu
Jan 01, 2022
The basic tool in the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is the complete judgment matrix. To address the weakness of the AHP in determining weight in the comprehensive evaluation system, the particle swarm optimization (PSO)-AHP...
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Understanding the E-Banking Channel Selection Behavior of Elderly Customers
To reveal the influence mechanism of e-banking channel selection of elderly customers, according to the analysis of elderly customers’decision-making process, a threshold model is proposed by using small world customer...
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