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Industrial Revolution 4.0
Brunei Darussalam has been facing unemployment issue in the past few years. With the upcoming fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) where there will be extensive use of machineries, robotics, and sensors, a shift in the job...
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Maximizing Smartcard for Public Usage
With the rise of smart cards, it has utilized so that multiple applications can be built into the technology. This research aims to offer a multipurpose smart card as a solution for the duplicate smart card system. Using a mixed...
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Financial Technology and Disruptive Innovation in Business
Financial technology (FinTech) expands financial services to many people that are currently lacking access where customers enjoy using banking products and services provided by non-banking providers. FinTech changes the way...
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Initiating Brunei Cross-Border Tourism (BCBT) as a Gateway to Borneo
Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, sharing three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. There is rarely research conducted for cross-border tourism (CBT) in Borneo. The study examines tourism...
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Developing Talents vis-à-vis Fourth Industrial Revolution
The growing numbers of unemployment raises concerns around the world. With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) many believed that 4IR might increase the unemployment rate by replacing the current jobs with...
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Impact of High Performance Work Systems on Organizational Performance
Today's business organizations require increased effectiveness and competitive advantage that can be achieved through High Performance Work Systems (HPWS). This study is proved the same effect in commercial banking sector of...
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Assessing Brunei Darussalam Public and Private Sector Readiness Towards Big Data Application
This exploratory study aims to assess and investigate Brunei Darussalam’s readiness in developing and applying big data technologies for its public and private sectors, using Social, Technological, Environmental and Policy...
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Uncovering the Enablers, Benefits, Opportunities and Risks for Digital Open Government (DOG)
Muhammad Naeem
Jul 01, 2019
The systematic review approach has been used to collect, examine, interpret, and synthesize research regarding enablers, challenges, opportunities, risks, and the usefulness of open government. The current review adopted the...
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Investment Protection Under Bilateral Investment Treaties of Pakistan
This research is carried out to explore the BITs of Pakistan and its effects on bringing much needed foreign investment in Pakistan, which is considered a backbone for the economic development for any country. The research...
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Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creativity in Projects
This paper aims to investigate the relationship between entrepreneurial leadership (EL) and creativity in projects. Additionally, the study also examine the mediating effect of innovative work behavior (IWB) and the moderating...
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Exploring Factors Affecting the Attraction and Retention of Academic Employees at the Durban University of Technology
The objective of the study was to explore the factors affecting the attraction of academic employees and assessed the factors influencing their retention at the Durban University of Technology. This was a qualitative study...
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AUV-Based Efficient Data Collection Scheme for Underwater Linear Sensor Networks
The research on underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) has grown considerably in recent years where the main focus remains to develop a reliable communication protocol to overcome its challenges between various underwater...
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SVM-Based Switching Filter Hardware Design for Mixed Noise Reduction in Digital Images Using High-Level Synthesis Tools
Impulse and Gaussian are the two most common types of noise that affect digital images due to imperfections in the imaging process, compression, storage and communication. The conventional filtering approaches, however, reduce...
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Investigating CSR Practice and SERVQUAL Model for Customer Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty in a Banking Context
The quality of service delivery is considered one of the most important success indicators in the banking sector. Therefore, this research aims to investigate the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the SERVQUAL...
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A Machine Learning Method with Threshold Based Parallel Feature Fusion and Feature Selection for Automated Gait Recognition
Gait is a vital biometric process for human identification in the domain of machine learning. In this article, a new method is implemented for human gait recognition based on accurate segmentation and multi-level features...
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The extensive use of digital devices by individuals generates a significant amount of private data which creates challenges for investigation agencies to protect suspects' privacy. Existing digital forensics models illustrate...
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ICTs in Knowledge Sharing and Organization Culture
This study analyzes the knowledge value chain of a center for continuing education that offers skill development programs for adult learners. It analyzes how the center can improve efficiency and capacity by effective knowledge...
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Risk Classification in Global Software Development Using a Machine Learning Approach
Software development through teams at different geographical locations is a trend of modern era, which is not only producing good results without costing lot of money but also productive in relation to its cost, low risk and...
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Decomposition and Decoupling of Regional Carbon Emissions
This paper applies the logarithmic mean divisia index to explore the decomposition and decoupling of sectoral carbon emissions across four provinces in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). The results show that (1) the YRD experienced...
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Examining Voluntary Engagement Barriers in Knowledge Sharing Practices for Supply Chain Innovation
Voluntary engagement (VE) creates a sense of coordination and harmonization to share knowledge. The eminence of knowledge sharing (KS) for supply chain (SC) innovation is undeniable to initiate development in products, services...
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Online Learning System in Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan
Novel COVID‐19 caused turmoil in every domain of life around the globe. To halt the further spread of virus, preventive measures such as social and physical distancing has led the temporal cessation of all education institutions...
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Investigating the Situated Culture of Multi-Channel Customer Management
This paper investigates the influence of national culture on customers' behavior and customers' choice of channel through the customer life cycle stages. An exploratory in-depth single case study in a multinational organization...
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The Client and Service Provider Relationship in IT Outsourcing Project Success
The role of organizational attitude for an effective knowledge sharing (KS) in IT outsourcing (ITO) relationships has not been adequately addressed. In this paper, we investigate the relationship between KS and ITO success as...
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Bilateral Trade Between China and Other Countries
The purpose of this study is to analyze the performance of one belt, one road in member countries in the effects of bilateral trade. The sample for this study includes 67 countries along the route for the period between 2013 and...
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Is High ICT Intensity Always the Ideal?
Virtual communication is a preferred working style for remotely structured teams to remain productivity while reducing cost. A variety of information and communication technologies (ICTs) are available for providing technical...
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