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Controller Design for Temperature Control of MISO Water Tank System
This article introduces the design of split range control and fuzzy logic control for temperature control of the MISO (multiple input single output) water tank scheme. A multiple input single output (MISO) system is considered...
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The Moderating Role of Gender on Pathos and Logos in Online Shopping Behavior
Many research studies and observations have made it evident that there exists a difference between the shopping behavior of the male and female. The objective of this research paper is to explore the moderation effect of gender...
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An Empirical Investigation of Factors Determining Actual Usage of Entertainment Streaming Apps in India
Rise of internet and penetration of smartphones have made digital content accessible though Entertainment Streaming Apps (ESA). With the flexibility of time and place, ESA platforms are changing the dynamics of entertainment...
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To present the biodiversity information, a semantic model is required that connects all kinds of data about living creatures and their habitats. The model must be able to encode human knowledge for machines to be understood....
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