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A HEVC Video Steganalysis Against DCT/DST-Based Steganography
The development of video steganography has put forward a higher demand for video steganalysis. This paper presents a novel steganalysis against discrete cosine/sine transform (DCT/DST)-based steganography for high efficiency...
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A Prediction and Visual Analysis Method for Graduation Destination of Undergraduates Based on LambdaMART Model
Predicting graduation destination can help students determine their learning goals in advance, help faculty optimize curriculum and provide career guidance for students. In this paper, the authors first propose a prediction...
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An Intra-Prediction Mode-Based Video Steganography With Secure Strategy
In this paper, an intra-prediction mode (IPM)-based video steganography with secure strategy was proposed for H.264 video stream. First of all, according to the property of IPM conversion after calibration, a content-adaptive...
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User Identity Hiding Method of Android
Yi Zhang
Jul 01, 2020
With an 86.1% global market share, Android takes the top spot smartphone operating system. Due to its open environment, Android suffers from various kinds of attacks, which cause a serious privacy leakage problem. To protect...
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Multiple Criteria DEA-Based Ranking Approach With the Transformation of Decision-Making Units
Jae-Dong Hong
Jan 01, 2021
Though various ranking methods in the data envelopment analysis (DEA) context have emerged since the conventional DEA was introduced, none of them has not been accepted as a universal or a superior method for ranking...
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Value Chain Creation in Business Analytics
Dong Yoo, James Roh
Jul 01, 2021
Firms are awash in big data and analytical technology as part of the process of deriving values in the current turbulent environment. The literature has reached a consensus that investments in technology only may not reap...
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Application of an Improved Clustering Algorithm of Neural Networks in Performance Appraisal Systems
Yun Yi
Feb 21, 2022
With the development of economic globalization, human resource competition has long become the key core of enterprise development and peer competition. Reasonably Formulating an enterprise’s employee performance appraisal...
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Manipulating Temporal Cues and Message Concreteness for Deal Communication
Yi Liu
Apr 01, 2020
Online merchants often use social media to communicate deal messages to directed consumers, but they face the fundamental challenge of how to effectively communicate deal messages to these consumers using that medium. This...
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The Impact of Risk-Aware Consumer Trust on CB E-Commerce Platforms and Purchase Intention
Yi Sun, Yunrong Li
Aug 01, 2021
Cross-border e-commerce(CBRC) is increasingly affecting the value of traditional trade due to its rich variety, convenient operation, and free of time and space restrictions, and has also changed the consumer's Shopping habits....
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A Fuzzy Adaptive Firefly Algorithm for Multilevel Color Image Thresholding Based on Fuzzy Entropy
Kangshun Li, Yi Wang
Oct 01, 2021
Multilevel thresholding image segmentation has always been a hot issue of research in last several years since it has a plenty of applications. Traditional exhaustive search method consumes a lot of time for searching the...
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Effect of Technological Innovation Inputs on Global Value Chains Status
Shuili Yang, Yang Yi
Sep 01, 2021
Under the backdrop of the continuous escalation of the Sino—U.S. trade friction, China's industrial development environment in global value chains (GVCs) has further deteriorated, research on the improvement GVC status of the...
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Research on the Mediating Effect of Corporate Governance Behavior Between GEM and Governance Performance of Listed Companies on the Growth Enterprise
At the end of 2019, the sudden attack of the COVID-19 brought huge challenges to the management, operation and development of listed companies. In view of the suddenness of the epidemic, the internal governance of listed...
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Data Privacy Protection in News Crowdfunding in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
This paper aims to study the protection of data privacy in news crowdfunding in the era of artificial intelligence. This paper respectively quotes the encryption algorithm of artificial intelligence data protection and the BP...
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Service Investment and Pricing Strategies in E-Commerce Platforms With Seller Competition
With the development of the two-sided market, many platform enterprises classify their users into different types and cooperate with them with different strategies. The extant literature mainly explores the pricing and...
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Frontiers and Trends of Blended Learning Research in China Based on Visualization Analysis of CNKI Database
In this paper, CiteSpace is used to conduct metrological and visual analysis of the core journals of blended learning research (2003-2021) collected by the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI). The results show that...
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Exploring the Social and Systemic Influencing Factors of Mobile Short Video Applications on the Consumer Urge to Buy Impulsively
With the progress of digital and mobile technologies, mobile short video apps (MSAs) have been booming in recent years. These MSAs are expanding their role in social commerce, which has aroused scholar’s and practitioners’...
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Trust, Risk and Alternative Website Quality in B-Buyer Acceptance of Cross-Border E-Commerce
Cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) has become an imperative mode for global trade. Research on cross-border e-commerce historically focuses mainly on the customer's behavior intention to purchase on a CBEC platform. However...
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Exploring Technology Professional Development Needs of Digital Immigrant Teachers and Digital Native Teachers in China
Jing Lei, Yi Li, Qiu Wang
Jul 01, 2020
This study examined if professional development needs of digital natives and immigrant teachers differed for technology integration in a Chinese education setting. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected from 500...
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Investigating the Key Drivers of Impulsive Buying Behavior in Live Streaming
Live streaming has become popular among various e-commerce models. As an efficient way of marketing, live streaming can stimulate consumers' impulse purchasing behavior by creating a compelling experience, flow experience. Even...
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LNG Transportation Routes Risk Assessment Based on Group Decision Making
The risk assessment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation routes has raised researchers' concerns in recent years, which is a group multi-criteria decision-making (GMCDM) problems that involves experts' opinions from...
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Book Review
In recent years, wearable and mobile technologies have been applied in different domains such as medical, personal safety, sports, and lifestyle computing (Cheng & Mitomo, 2017). Wearable technologies may help users bring their...
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A Hierarchical Clustering Federated Learning System Based on Industry 4.0
Chun-Yi Lu, Hsin-Te Wu
Jan 01, 2022
This study proposes using dendrogram clustering as the basis to construct a federated learning system for A.I. model parameter updating. The authors adopted a private blockchain to accelerate downloads of the latest parameters...
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An Ontology-Based Automation System
This paper presents an ontology-based approach to benefit automatic fertilization management for citrus orchards located in mountainous region. The core of the fertilization approach is the citrus fertilization ontology, which...
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A Spatio-Temporal Resource Description Framework Schema Model for Aeronautical Dynamic Information Based on Semantic Analysis
Aeronautical information service (AIS) involves manifold correlations among aeronautical events. The data mining technology has been used to extract the characteristics of aeronautical information. With the aeronautical dynamic...
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Behavior Analysis of Customer Churn for a Customer Relationship System
This article describes how the bank industry in Taiwan must function in today's tough and fiercely competitive domestic credit card market and subdued global market. Banks are increasingly emphasizing the importance of retaining...
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