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Insights into the Origin of High Activity of Ni<sub>5</sub>P<sub>4</sub>(0001) for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is directly relevant to green hydrogen production from water splitting. Recently, a low-cost Ni5P4 material has been demonstrated experimentally and theoretically to...
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Platformance-Based Cross-Border Import Retail E-Commerce Service Quality Evaluation Using an Artificial Neural Network Analysis
Min Chen, Zhitan Feng
Apr 07, 2022
The transaction scale of cross-border import e-commerce has grown rapidly around the world. Platform-style cross-border e-commerce does not control the quality, source and transaction process of goods strictly and...
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Access to Credit and Green Innovation
Boqiang Lin, Rui Bai
Jan 01, 2022
Starting with the natural credit relationship between financial institutions and enterprises, this paper examines the relationship between distance-based access to credit and green innovation by using the data of financial...
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Influence of Virtual Experience Immersion, Product Control, and Stimulation on Advertising Effects
Hui Lin
Jan 01, 2022
With advances in communication technologies, virtual reality (VR) has become increasing popular. This study investigated the influence of virtual experiences on advertising effects. A 2 (virtual experience immersion: high vs....
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The Effects of Techno-Stress in the Role Stress Context Applied on the Proximity Manager Performance
Min Feng
Jan 01, 2021
The ubiquitous use of ICT can create “techno-stress.” The purpose of the research is to examine the case of the specificity of the techno-stress phenomenon of local managers. The authors develop their research questions on the...
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Factors Related to EFL/ESL Readers' Reading Strategy Use
Jia Lin
Jan 01, 2019
This Article systematically reviews the use of reading strategies among college-level English as a foreign/second language (EFL/ESL) learners and its relationship with two non-cognitive factors: gender and motivation. The author...
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MAC Protocol Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
In wireless sensor networks, MAC protocol is used to achieve efficient, fair and balanced allocation of wireless channel resources and access control of nodes in the network, and to control the communication process of nodes in...
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Research on Decision-Making Based on the Three-Party Evolutionary Game of Tourists, Scenic Spots, and Government
Xincai Ye, Lin Miao
Mar 22, 2022
The continuous upsurge of tourism consumption activities has promoted economic development, but at the same time, it has also produced numerous problems, such as low-quality service and high admission prices at scenic spots...
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Assessing the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Pre-Service Science Teachers at a South African University
The purpose of this study was to investigate preservice science teachers' proficiency levels regarding their practical knowledge of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK-P). A sample of 103 third- and fourth-year...
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Using Language to Mobilize the Public in the Crisis
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic calls for effective use of language to keep the public informed of the pandemic update and prevention measures. Meanwhile, the crisis context of the pandemic shaped the language use as well....
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Review for Region Localization in Large-Scale Optical Remote Sensing Images
Shoulin Yin, Lin Teng
Jan 01, 2022
For the massive large-scale visible image data obtained by satellite, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other reconnaissance platforms, if only relying on manual visual interpretation, there will be problems such as heavy workload...
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Does the Kyoto Protocol as an International Environmental Policy Promote Forest Carbon Sinks?
Boqiang Lin, Jiamin Ge
Sep 01, 2021
Under the background of carbon neutrality, the carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems is an important way to mitigate climate change. Forest could not only protect the environment but also an important industry for economic...
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An Action Research on a French Law Firm
This study qualitatively analyzes interactional coping strategies used to managed technostress in the post-adoption stage of information technology implementation at a French legal firm. The nine strategies are participatory...
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Examining the Effect of Positive Online Reviews on Consumers' Decision Making
Lin Xiao, Yuan Li
Jul 01, 2019
Online reviews play an important role in consumers' decision making. However, limited studies have been conducted to understand the effects of online reviews on consumers' behavior. Drawing upon the Elaboration Likelihood Model...
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Quality Improvement of Agricultural Products Supply Chain Under Social Preference and CSR by Big Data Analysis
Yanhong Qin, Lin Xiang
Sep 01, 2021
Purpose- The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social preference on quality improvement of the agricultural products supply chain composed of agricultural products producer...
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Exploring Consumer Adoption of Mobile Shopping Apps From a Perspective of Elaboration Likelihood Model
Thi Vo, Kuang-Wen Wu
Jan 01, 2022
This study aims to integrate perceived risk into elaboration likelihood model, develop a comprehensive research model to explain dual routes of persuasive communication through various factors affecting individual acceptance and...
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What Information Do We Have on People's Willingness to Pay on Reducing Plastic Shopping Bags?
The Chinese government implemented the payment system for plastic shopping bags in 2008 and 2020. This study aims to analyze consumers' perceptions and purchase willingness of plastic shopping bags. Using information technology...
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Smart Agriculture and Food Storage System for Asia Continent
Asia is the largest and most populous continent of Earth with an overall population of 446.27 crores. Housing this population drives various challenges in different aspects, in which providing healthy and nutritious food to each...
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Research of Image Recognition of Plant Diseases and Pests Based on Deep Learning
Deep learning has attracted more and more attention in speech recognition, visual recognition and other fields. In the field of image processing, using deep learning method can obtain high recognition rate. In this paper, the...
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Does Knowledge Really Help?
Drawing on the self-determination theory, this study explored the effect of three kinds of low-carbon knowledge (LCB), including system knowledge (SK), action-related knowledge (AK), and effectiveness knowledge (EK), on college...
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How Does Internet Development Affect Green Technology Innovation in China?
With the advent of the information age, the Internet is a new tool for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation initiative” and contributes to the emergence of new products, new technologies and new business formats. However, the...
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Study on Water-Atmosphere Interface Distribution and Concentration Fluctuation Intensities of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Great Lake
In this study, the water-atmosphere interfaces distribution and concentration fluctuation intensities of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Great Lake were analyzed. Based on the selected significant quantum descriptors...
Strategies to Respond to Technology Enhancement
This study identifies coping strategies to examine the behaviors adopted by team managers in addressing technostress. It evaluates the choice of coping strategies to increase performance. A study involving 3 companies and 45...
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Construction of SCUIR Propagation Model Based on Time-Varying Parameters
Feng Li, Gengxin Sun
Jan 01, 2022
The novel coronavirus is a new type of virus, and its transmission characteristics are different from the previous virus. Based on the SEIR transmission model, this paper redefines the latent state as close contacts state...
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Moving Target Detection and Tracking Based on Improved FCM Algorithm
Wang Feng, Sheng Chun
Jan 01, 2020
With the rapid development of computer intelligence technology, the majority of scholars have a great interest in the detection and tracking of moving targets in the field of video surveillance and have been involved in its...
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