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Analysis of the Perception of Professionals in Municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area Towards Introducing E-Participation in Saudi Urban Planning
Adel Bouregh
Jan 01, 2022
The aim of the study is to investigates the e-participation in urban planning in Saudi Arabia (KSA). It further investigates the perception of the employed professionals in the municipalities of Dammam Metropolitan Area (DMA)...
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Critical Success Factors Affecting Information System Satisfaction in Public Sector Organizations
Many studies have investigated technology adoption in western countries and ignored the Arab region. The available Arab studies focused on the technology adoption model (TAM) and its subsequent variations while leaving important...
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Development and Evaluation of a Cognitive Training Application for Children With Learning Difficulties
The studies targeting cognitive training via computerized applications focused on suggesting varied types of Working Memory's (WM) tasks rather than offering those tasks in a user-friendly way or suggesting practical guidelines...
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A Hybrid Hierarchical Heuristic-ACO With Local Search Applied to Travelling Salesman Problem, AS-FA-Ls
The combinatorial optimization problem is attracting research because they have a wide variety of applications ranging from route planning and supply chain optimization to industrial scheduling and the IoT. Solving such problems...
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Applying Big Data Analytics in Higher Education
Higher education systems (HES) have become increasingly absorbed in applying big data analytics due to competition as well as economic pressures. Many studies have been conducted that applied big data analytics in HES; however...
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A Reliable and Smart E-Healthcare System for Monitoring Intravenous Fluid Level, Pulse, and Respiration Rate
The paper presents reliable and quality maintenance of intravenous fluid level, pulse rate and respiration rate measurement system in healthcare networks. Implementing information and communication technology becomes essential...
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An overview of clinical cerebral microdialysis in acute brain injury.
Cerebral microdialysis may be used in patients with severe brain injury to monitor their cerebral physiology. In this article we provide a concise synopsis with illustrations and original images of catheter types, their...
Published by: Frontiers in neurology