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Analysis of Extraction Algorithm for Visual Navigation of Farm Robots Based on Dark Primary Colors
In order to quickly extract the visual navigation line of farmland robot, an extraction algorithm for dark primary agricultural machinery is proposed. The application of dark primary color principle in new farmland is made...
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An Intrusion Detection System Based on Normalized Mutual Information Antibodies Feature Selection and Adaptive Quantum Artificial Immune System
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
The intrusion detection system (IDS) has lower speed, less adaptability and lower detection accuracy especially for small samples sets. This paper presents a detection model based on normalized mutual antibodies information...
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Information Entropy Augmented High Density Crowd Counting Network
The research proposes an innovated structure of the density map-based crowd counting network augmented by information entropy. The network comprises of a front-end network to extract features and a back-end network to generate...
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Intrusion Detection Using Normalized Mutual Information Feature Selection and Parallel Quantum Genetic Algorithm
Zhang Ling, Zhang Hao
Jan 01, 2022
This paper presents a detection algorithm using normalized mutual information feature selection and cooperative evolution of multiple operators based on adaptive parallel quantum genetic algorithm (NMIFS MOP- AQGA). The proposed...
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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Self-Service Technology (SST) in the Public Sector
In the Netherlands, housing corporations are increasingly adopting self-service technologies (SSTs) to support affairs their tenants need to arrange. The purpose of the study is to examine the customers' motivations of using...
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A Model of Semantic-Based Image Retrieval Using C-Tree and Neighbor Graph
The problems of image mining and semantic image retrieval play an important role in many areas of life. In this paper, a semantic-based image retrieval system is proposed that relies on the combination of C-Tree, which was built...
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Canals, Consent and Coercion
Francis James Dawson
Sep 11, 2018
Ever since Chinese telecommunications magnate, Wang Jing announced in 2013 that construction would be going ahead for an interoceanic canal in Nicaragua, the proposed megaproject has garnered considerable attention and...
On Cost-Aware Heterogeneous Cloudlet Deployment for Mobile Edge Computing
Edge computing undertakes downlink cloud services and uplink terminal computing tasks, data interaction latency and network transmission cost are thus significantly reduced. Although a lot of research has been conducted in...
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Understanding Customer Motivation to Share Information in Social Commerce
The gradual emergence of social commerce is enhancing the development of businesses. The opinions exchanged and information shared by each consumer in the community affects consumers’ purchasing decisions and participation...
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A Hybrid Learning Particle Swarm Optimization With Fuzzy Logic for Sentiment Classification Problems
Methods based on deep learning have great utility in the current field of sentiment classification. To better optimize the setting of hyper-parameters in deep learning, a hybrid learning particle swarm optimization with fuzzy...
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Using a Complex Technology in a Language Course
Airong Wang
Dec 06, 2019
In this chapter, how the complex technology of Second Life affects participation in an English course is investigated. With the aim of exploring gender issues, the special affordance of Second Life, i.e. voice-morphing together...
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Big Data Security Management Countermeasures in the Prevention and Control of Computer Network Crime
Hongning Wang
Sep 01, 2021
This paper aims to study the Countermeasures of big data security management in the prevention and control of computer network crime in the absence of relevant legislation and judicial practice. Starting from the concepts and...
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The Copyright Risk of MOOC and the Countermeasures of University Libraries
With the rapid development of MOOCs, copyright risks related to the MOOC cannot be ignored. MOOCs rely on multimedia technology, and the fragmented characteristics of its sources and the profitability of the MOOC involve more...
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View on the Buildup of New Service Capability of National Library of China From the Point of Development Trend of Reference Work
Lei Wang
Jan 01, 2021
With the change of information environment, the emergence of new technology, services, and new media, reference librarians and users have more choices in information acquisition methods, tools, and means. The reference...
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Innovative Practice and Development Thinking of Space Re-design in the Liaoning Provincial Library
The Liaoning Provincial Library is one of the largest and most well-functional libraries. It has the largest building area and provides abundant services to the public. The Liaoning Provincial Library mainly provides readers...
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Strategic Information Technology Compensation
Chingning Wang
Oct 01, 2019
The 2008 financial crisis has made many high-tech firms vulnerable. Some non-American firms (e.g. in Taiwan) have even granted their IT professionals a “no-pay break” to reduce firms' financial uncertainty. The crisis leads to a...
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The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
Chaojie Wang
Jan 01, 2019
Improving the performance and reducing the cost of healthcare have been a great concern and a huge challenge for healthcare organizations and governments at every level in the US. Measures taken have included laws, regulations...
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Logistic Analytics Management in the Service Supply Chain Market Using Swarm Intelligence Modelling
Congcong Wang
Oct 01, 2022
The industry sustainability in today's globalization relies on cost-effective supply chain management of diverse markets and logistics. Supply chain risks typically limit profits over the overall expense of the supply chain. In...
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An Overview of Recent Development in Privacy Regulations and Future Research Opportunities
This chapter provides an overview of several recently proposed or passed privacy-related regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Illinois Video Interview Act...
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Energy Constraint in China at the Expense of Profitability?
Although energy constraints, green technology innovation increment, and corporate profitability are issues of central importance to enterprise management and the environment, many aspects of these elements have been neglected in...
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AI-Assisted Dynamic Modelling for Data Management in a Distributed System
There are many interdependent computers available in distributed networks. In such schemes, overall ownership costs comprise facilities, such as computers, controls, etc.; buying hardware; and running expenses such as wages...
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Research on the Uniqueness and Characteristic Development of University Library Cultural Services
Xincai Wang, Xin Xie
Jan 01, 2020
Characteristic development is a process of intentionally solidifying and cultivating something's uniqueness. This article analyzes the uniqueness of university library cultural services in comparison with those provided by other...
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An Empirical Study on Impact of Management Capabilities for the Multinational Company's Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Ke Zong, Zheng Wang*
Mar 22, 2022
Based on the deep learning (DL) theory, the study takes the multinational corporation technology company A as the research target, and explores the impact of information technology (IT) management capabilities on the sustainable...
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The Agglomeration Mechanism of Network Emerging E-Eommerce Industry Based on Social Science
Jiali Wang, Yixin Dai
May 01, 2022
Network emerging e-commerce refers to the development of wireless broadband technology, smart terminal technology, near-field network, etc. as the driving force. It is the emerging e-commerce represented by the continuous...
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