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Screening Job Candidates With Social Media
With the proliferation of social media, job candidate screening and evaluation professionals have new avenues to gather information regarding job candidates. Job candidates recognize that recruiters will examine their social...
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Effect of Job Fulfillment Over Employee Performance Execution at the Workplace
Workplace performance is an outcome of workplace satisfaction. It is essential to comprehend how workers can be held through making their job-related needs fulfilled to let them spurred towards delivering an exemplary...
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Social and Cultural Impacts on Employee Job Satisfaction and Commitment to Organisations
Job satisfaction continues to be an essential aspect of exploring performance and its impact on productivity, organisational goals and societies at large has been widely studies. This study, aimed at investigating the impact of...
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Autonomous Motivation and Information Security Policy Compliance
Many existing studies focus on the effect of external influence mechanisms (e.g., deterrence) impacting information security policy compliance (ISPC). This study explores the formation of ISPC from an autonomous motivation...
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Linking Service Innovation to Organisational Performance
Banks are leveraging on innovation to address the major concerns of their employees including improvements in service delivery, operational efficiency, and enhancing the speed of transactions. The purpose for this study was to...
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When Job Candidates Experience Social Media Privacy Violations
This study uses a cross-cultural sample from the U.S. and China to compare information privacy-protective responses to a breach in privacy during a job interview. Using a job recruitment scenario, the relationships among...
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Antecedents and Consequences of Job Embeddedness in the Egyptian Hospitality Context
Sameh Aboul-Dahab
Jan 01, 2022
Although there are a growing body of studies on the influence of job embeddedness on turnover intention, few researches have been conducted on the drivers and outcomes of job embeddedness. Thus, this paper seeks to examine the...
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Acceptance of Mobile Phone Technology in SMEs
Renatus Mushi
Jan 01, 2022
Performing daily activities in SMEs requires the effective utilization of existing technologies. In developing countries, SMEs play great roles in stimulating economies as well as the creation of employees. One of the...
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A Radial Estimation-of-Distribution Algorithm for the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
The job-shop environment has been widely studied under different approaches. It is due to its practical characteristic that makes its research interesting. Therefore, the job-shop scheduling problem continues being attracted to...
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Detecting Fake News Over Job Posts via Bi-Directional Long Short-Term Memory (BIDLSTM)
Fake news detection on job advertisements has grabbed the attention of many researchers over past decade. Various classifiers such as Support Vector Machine (SVM), XGBoost Classifier and Random Forest (RF) methods are greatly...
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Social Media at the Workplace
this paper draws on Uses and Gratification theory and aims to explore the role and impact of different types of social media use at the workplace on employee innovative behavior and individual job performance. Structural...
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Managing Retention as a Stratagem for Employee Job Satisfaction and Organizational Competitiveness in the ITeS Sector
Chandra Patro
Jan 01, 2022
In this continuously changing contemporary economy, organizations, particularly ITeS, have to be able to antedate technological innovations and compete with other enterprises globally. This need makes important a company's...
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Dynamics of Contextual Factors, Technology Paradox, and Job Performance in Smartphone Usage
The purpose of this paper is to explore the theories pertaining to the dynamics of contextual factors, technology paradox, and job performance of employees so as to answer specific questions related to the theories’ progressive...
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Continuous Intention of Entry-Level MIS Professionals to Stay Working in the MIS Field
While many studies focused on what is management information system (MIS) major, how it attracts potential students, and describes needed skills, the perceptions of fresh MIS graduates' continuous intention to stay working in...
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The Impact of Employee Engagement on Job Insecurity by Moderating Role of Psychological Empowerment to Enhance Corporate Performance
Human resources have had a strategic role in both sustainable and competitive business since it is inimitable element of business. The purpose of this research is to investigation the impact of employee engagement (independent...
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CNC Milling of Medical-Grade PMMA
This study evaluates CNC milling parameters (spindle speed, depth of cut, and feed rate) on medical-grade PMMA. A single objective analysis conducted showed that the optimal material removal rate (MRR) occurs at a spindle speed...
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Employer Brand Equity and Its Impact on the Application Intent of the Prospective Employees
Dipali Dalvi
Jan 01, 2021
Skilled human capital marks organisational success. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining these employees is vital. Companies are applying branding principles to recruitment function. This is termed as employer branding (EB)....
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The Impact of Technostress Components on the Employees Satisfaction and Perceived Performance
The present study investigates the effects of technostress creators and inhibitors on job satisfaction, organizational commitment and perceived performance. A research model derived from the Transaction-Based Model of Stress and...
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Study of Predictors of Organizational Effectiveness Among Private and Public Sector IT Companies
Human relations experts have shown tremendous interest in determining the variables that enhance workers' satisfaction and their loyalty to organisation because only committed and qualified personnel can facilitate the...
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Mentally Healthy Healthcare
Interventions addressing healthcare workers' mental health should build upon an exhaustive understanding of the major causes of both work-related stress conditions (i.e., job demands) and positive mental health (i.e., job...
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Motivations for Labour Provision on Digital Platforms in Europe
Research on the gig economy has rarely addressed the study on the motivations for the provision of labour services on digital platforms. Through a sample of 3,619 gigers in Europe, obtained from the COLLEM research, results have...
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Exploring the Relationship Between Satisfaction and Intention to Stay Among Millennial Employees
Purpose: The main purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay among the millennials working in IT organizations of North India. Research...
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Exploring Factors Affecting the Attraction and Retention of Academic Employees at the Durban University of Technology
The objective of the study was to explore the factors affecting the attraction of academic employees and assessed the factors influencing their retention at the Durban University of Technology. This was a qualitative study...
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The Circumplex Model for Structuring Career Anchors of the IT/IS Personnel
A quantitative study involving Mainland China (the PRC), Taiwan, India, the UAE, and the US, five areas with 852 responses of IT/IS personnel data towards building a more suitable Circumplex Career Anchor Model for IT/IS...
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Semantic Web-Linked Data and Libraries
Wasim Rahaman
Nov 22, 2019
The present society is considered an information society. A society where the creation, distribution, use, integration, and manipulation of digital information have become the most significant activity in all aspects....
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