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The Research of Social Network Analysis on College Students' Interactive Relations
Chang Chen, Min Chen
Apr 01, 2021
Nowadays the number of college students' suicides are increasing for the insufficient social support or poor interpersonal relations. Furthermore, not much attention has been concerned to students' interpersonal relations when...
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Platformance-Based Cross-Border Import Retail E-Commerce Service Quality Evaluation Using an Artificial Neural Network Analysis
Min Chen, Zhitan Feng
Apr 07, 2022
The transaction scale of cross-border import e-commerce has grown rapidly around the world. Platform-style cross-border e-commerce does not control the quality, source and transaction process of goods strictly and...
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CNC Milling of Medical-Grade PMMA
This study evaluates CNC milling parameters (spindle speed, depth of cut, and feed rate) on medical-grade PMMA. A single objective analysis conducted showed that the optimal material removal rate (MRR) occurs at a spindle speed...
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The Impact of SIPOC on Process Reengineering and Sustainability of Enterprise Procurement Management in E-Commerce Environments Using Deep Learning
In order to better promote the healthy and long-term development of enterprise procurement management process, under the background of e-commerce environment, Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customers (SIPOC) model, deep...
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The Direction of Causality Between Supply Chain Excellence and Firm Performance
Min Shi
Apr 01, 2019
A widely-accepted measure of supply chain excellence is the Supply Chain Top 25 List published annually by Gartner Research. It evaluates firms from five quality dimensions: return on assets, inventory turns, revenue growth...
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The Effects of Techno-Stress in the Role Stress Context Applied on the Proximity Manager Performance
Min Feng
Jan 01, 2021
The ubiquitous use of ICT can create “techno-stress.” The purpose of the research is to examine the case of the specificity of the techno-stress phenomenon of local managers. The authors develop their research questions on the...
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A Critical Study on Translation of the Analects
Fan Min
Jan 01, 2021
“Ideology” shapes our discourse practices and is closely related to the translation activities. This paper attempts to explore how ideological factors influence the cultural transmission of Confucianism through a comparative...
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An Action Research on a French Law Firm
This study qualitatively analyzes interactional coping strategies used to managed technostress in the post-adoption stage of information technology implementation at a French legal firm. The nine strategies are participatory...
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A New Resource Recovery Process for Refining Sludge Generated by a Paper Manufacturing Company
A new sludge processing method was developed by the Beta Company, a paper manufacturing company. The new method will shorten the time for transforming sludge into organic fertilizers, which will improve the process of handling...
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Strategies to Respond to Technology Enhancement
This study identifies coping strategies to examine the behaviors adopted by team managers in addressing technostress. It evaluates the choice of coping strategies to increase performance. A study involving 3 companies and 45...
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Are the relationships between mental health issues and being left-behind gendered in China
BACKGROUND: While most existing studies reveal left-behind children (LBC) are prone to suffering from mental health issues, some other literature fails to develop a statistical significance between being left-behind and facing...
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Application of CSK Encryption Algorithm in Video Synergic Command Systems
Video command and dispatch systems have become essential communication safeguard measures in circumstances of emergency rescue, epidemic prevention, and control command as, data security has become especially important. After...
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Solving the Trapezoidal Fuzzy Transportation Problems via New Heuristic
Souhail Dhouib
Oct 01, 2021
The transportation problem is a one of the principal topics in operational research where goods are initially stored at different sources and need to be livered to destination in such a way the total transportation cost is...
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Performance, Motivation, Engagement, and Interactions in MOOC-Based Learning
Zhonggen Yu, Min Wang
Jan 01, 2022
With the rapid development of information technologies, the new decade has been witnessing an advancement of massive open online courses (MOOCs)-based learning. However, MOOCs are infamous for the lower engagement and completion...
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Developmental Trajectory of the American Yacht Clubs
The yacht industry is one of the leading industries used to guide residents’ increase in consumption. This study analyzes the evolving spatial pattern of yacht clubs in the United States from 1900-2017, aiming to explore the...
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Data Envelopment Analysis and Analytics Software for Optimizing Building Energy Efficiency
This research was motivated by the need to identify the most effective Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model and associated data analytics software for measuring, comparing, and optimizing building energy efficiency. By...
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Blockchain Traceability Valuation for Perishable Agricultural Products Under Demand Uncertainty
Zhuoyi Zhao, K. Min
Oct 01, 2020
Various perishable agricultural products are recalled due to harmful health risks. Blockchain has been used to reduce the amount of such products wasted and disposed. Specifically, a supply chain with a wholesaler, a retailer...
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Intelligent Multiparameter Fiber-Optic Sensing for Ocean Observation
Qiying Chen, Liqiu Men
Aug 08, 2014
With the increasing needs for the protection of marine and fresh water environment, there is surging demand for effective technologies to monitor different environmental parameters. Among different new technologies, fiber-optic...
Visualizing the ICT-Assisted Flipped Pedagogical Approach in EFL Education
Zhonggen Yu, Min Wang
Jan 01, 2022
It is necessary to systematically review the literature since the information and communication technology (ICT)-assisted flipped pedagogical approach in English education has been increasingly popular. By way of visualization...
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Meta-Analytically Exploring the Learning Outcomes Assisted With Twitter in the Pandemic Time
Zhonggen Yu, Min Wang
Jan 01, 2022
The use of social media such as Twitter has gained popularity in education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study included 22 high-quality peer-reviewed journal articles for the meta-analysis. The authors reveal that there are...
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How Does Social Identification Moderate the Repurchase Intention?
Shwu-Min Horng
Oct 01, 2020
This research studied user repurchase intentions on online group buying services. In the research model, satisfaction is hypothesized to have a positive relationship with trust that will have a positive impact on repurchase...
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Westernization and Music in China during and after the Qing Dynasty
Anna Chen
Jan 30, 2014
Before the Revolution of 1911, China was a mighty empire dominated by various Chinese ethnic groups in different time periods. In particular, the Han people of the Tang1 and Ming Dynasty and the Man people of the Qing Dynasty2...
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Dynamic Provable Data Possession of Multiple Copies in Cloud Storage Based on Full-Node of AVL Tree
This article describes how to protect the security of cloud storage, a provable data possession scheme based on full-nodes of an AVL tree for multiple data copies in cloud storage. In the proposed scheme, a Henon chaotic map is...
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Research on Financial Support Mechanism of Creative Enterprises
Based on the literature review, this paper proposed the model between the influencing factors of financial support of creative enterprises, financial support capabilities and support performance, and made corresponding...
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Cantonese Children's Songs in Hong Kong
Lily Chen-Hafteck
Nov 19, 2013
A century of British colonial rule over a population of Chinese majority has resulted in a special culture of Hong Kong. While the local people have maintained a considerable amount of the traditional Chinese culture, a very...
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