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Obtaining the Dynamic Coefficients of Structuredness for Assessing a Domain
Today, effective management of information requires an in-depth study of its internal organization. The structural organization of information affects the efficiency of choosing a method for solving the problem and the...
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Entrepreneurial innovative network and the design of socio-economic neural system
Olga Tikhomirova
Apr 01, 2020
This article aims to establish how an idea becomes an innovation and how creativity, collective dynamics, and information are interconnected. The results of the study showed that the emergence of innovations is closely connected...
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Smartization in Gatchina
In the paper, a case of a Russian town, Gatchina, is examined to find the reasonable balance between international smart city practice, governmental requirements, historical identity preservation, and human-oriented approach....
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A Cyber Sensor Model for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
Engineering sustainable cyber-physical-social systems demand a transdisciplinary approach. Within an arbitrary domain, many systems, including those of the physical and cyber categories, may already be in-situ; however...
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Making medical student course evaluations meaningful
Background The literature emphasizes the value of student evaluations of curriculum in medical education, but there is little information available on how this information is used or how schools monitor the impact of any changes...