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Approaches to Work in Reducing Entrenched Patterns of Violent Behavior
Christina McLaughlin
Jan 10, 2017
In this chapter, the author will demonstrate the use of a peace intervention to increase children's self-identity, community attachments, and coping mechanisms. With correct training and awareness, this project could be...
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Citrus Huanglongbing Recognition Algorithm Based on CKMOPSO
In view of the similarity of characteristics between the features of the disease images and the large dimension, and the features correlation of the disease images, this will lead to the generation of feature redundancy, and...
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Agricultural Environment Information Management
Xi Cai
Jul 01, 2020
ZigBee communication technology was used to design the internal information transmission system of intelligent gateway in the monitoring system. Finally, the system was used to detect the changes of temperature and humidity in...
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Depression, Self-Esteem, and Lifestyle Factors Among University Students in Singapore and Malaysia
Cai Tam, Gary Kwok
Jan 01, 2023
Depression is one of the leading mental health disorders that occurs frequently among university students. Self-esteem and lifestyle factors are modifiable factors that have the potential of preventing depression. The study...
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Analysis of the Application of Information Technology in the Management of Rural Population Return Based on the Era of Big Data
Zheng Cai
May 01, 2022
Based on rural population return management, governance theory, and information technology theory, this paper analyzes the specific performance of rural areas in managing population return, and describes the overview, quantity...
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Bayesian Belief Network Approach for Supply Risk Modelling
Today’s global and complex world increased the vulnerability to risks exponentially and organizations are compelled to develop effective risk management strategies for its mitigation. The prime focus of research is to design a...
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WSN-Driven Posture Recognition and Correction Towards Basketball Exercise
Xiangyang Cai
Jul 01, 2022
In order to enhance the daily training for basketball, this paper establishes a human posture estimation framework by using monocular camera and wireless sensor network. First, the daily basketball training images are collected...
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Optimal PM2.5 emission reduction strategies for an industrial park based on China’s 12th five-year plan on air pollution prevention and control
Over the past decades, China has been undertaking extremely rapid industrialization and urbanization. Along with economic boom, many adverse environmental effects are emerging. Among them, it is of great significance for the...
Bio-dispersant produced by a Rhodococcus erythropolis mutant as an oil spill response
Bio-dispersants have been considered as superior alternatives of currently used dispersants as they are generally more biodegradable, less toxic, and better at enhancing biodegradation. However, the application of...
Applying Machine Learning to the Development of Prediction Models for Bank Deposit Subscription
It is not easy for banks to sell their term-deposit products to new clients because many factors will affect customers’ purchasing decision and because banks may have difficulties to identify their target customers. To address...
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Influence of Soil Drought Stress on C, N and P Stoichiometry of Tamarix Chinensis Lour. in Yellow River Delta, China
Taking the one-year-old T. chinensis (Tamarix chinensis Lour.) in Yellow River Delta as the study object, the variations of C, N and P stoichiometry in T. chinensis under drought stress was studied using pot experiments. The...
Biosurfactant Production by Rhodococcus Erythropolis Sp. SB-1A Isolated from North Atlantic Ocean
Biosurfactant production by Rhodococcus erythropolis SB-1A was studied based on Atlas oil agar medium in a batch reactor. The strain was isolated from a water sample collected from Northern Atlantic Ocean. Several parameters...
A Many-Objective Practical Swarm Optimization Based on Mixture Uniform Design and Game Mechanism
In recent years, multi-objective optimization algorithms, especially many-objective optimization algorithms, have developed rapidly and effectively.Among them, the algorithm based on particle swarm optimization has the...
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Constructing Technology Commercialization Capability
In the era of big data-driven digital economies, technology commercialization capability has become the lifeblood of high-tech enterprises to shape competitive advantage and achieve multiplier growth, while the related research...
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Behavior of Corexit dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Offshore Oil spills are of tremendous concern due to its enormous harm to economic and ecological systems. Corexit dispersants are used as an important combating agent for oil spills as they can dilute oil downward to water...
The Facilitative Effect of Impulsiveness on the Dark Triad and Social Network Sites Addiction
This research investigated the relationships of the Dark Triad, impulsiveness, and social network sites (SNS) addiction with adolescents. In particular, this research examined the indirect effects of the measured motor...
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A Study on Effective Measurement of Search Results from Search Engines
This article describes how as internet technology continues to change and improve lives and societies worldwide, effective global information management becomes increasingly critical, and effective Internet information retrieval...
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A Model of Network Security Situation Assessment Based on BPNN Optimized by SAA-SSA
In order to address the problems that the accuracy and convergence of current network security situation assessment models need to be improved, a model of network security situation assessment based on SAA-SSA-BPNN is proposed....
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Evaluation of Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development Evidence From OECD Countries
This study analyzes the economic and environmental performance of OECD countries over 2000–2019. A by-production approach is applied and the efficiency score is decomposed into its economic and environmental components. Unlike...
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Designing and Evaluating an Automatic Forensic Model for Fast Response of Cross-Border E-Commerce Security Incidents
The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce over the past decade has accelerated the integration of the global economy. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce has increased the prevalence of cybercrime, and the future...
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Institutional and Cultural Aspects of Logistic Management in the Chinese E-Commerce Sector
Electronic business relies heatedly on a predictive tool to provide consumers with the products online in a brief moment. E-commerce activities are handled by many buyers globally compared to conventional distribution, and with...
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Hierarchical Hybrid Neural Networks With Multi-Head Attention for Document Classification
Document classification is a research topic aiming to predict the overall text sentiment polarity with the advent of deep neural networks. Various deep learning algorithms have been employed in the current studies to improve...
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A Comparison of Retrieval Result Relevance Judgments Between American and Chinese Users
Relevance judgment plays an extremely significant role in information retrieval. This study investigates the differences between American users and Chinese users in relevance judgment during the information retrieval process....
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Semi-Supervised Sentiment Classification on E-Commerce Reviews Using Tripartite Graph and Clustering
Sentiment classification constitutes an important topic in the field of Natural Language Processing, whose main purpose is to extract the sentiment polarity from unstructured texts. The label propagation algorithm, as a...
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