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The Study of Para-Social Interaction With E-Word-of-Mouth for Influencer Marketing by Complex Computing
The purpose of this study was focused on exploring the relationship among the fans’ preferences, fans’ para-social interaction, and fans’ word-of-mouth. A survey consisted of 21 items based on the literature review and developed...
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Regional Economic Competition, Fiscal Subsidies, and Overcapacity
Promotion tournaments theory and regional economic competition can be used to explain China's overcapacity. This study used the non-radial distance function to evaluate the overcapacity considering resource and environmental...
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The Research of Social Network Analysis on College Students' Interactive Relations
Chang Chen, Min Chen
Apr 01, 2021
Nowadays the number of college students' suicides are increasing for the insufficient social support or poor interpersonal relations. Furthermore, not much attention has been concerned to students' interpersonal relations when...
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Impact of Premium and Price Cuts on Consumer Purchase Intention
This study aims to compare the price cut and premium promotion with study moderators are discount depth size, product type, premium characteristics, and country effect (Indonesia and Taiwan). The experiment was designed as...
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An End-to-End Bidirectional Authentication System for Pallet Pooling Management Through Blockchain Internet of Things (BIoT)
Pallet pooling is regarded as a sustainable and cost-effective measure for the industry, but challenging to advocate due to weak data and pallet authentication.In order to establish trust between end-users and pallet pooling...
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Designing and Evaluating an Automatic Forensic Model for Fast Response of Cross-Border E-Commerce Security Incidents
The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce over the past decade has accelerated the integration of the global economy. At the same time, cross-border e-commerce has increased the prevalence of cybercrime, and the future...
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A New Resource Recovery Process for Refining Sludge Generated by a Paper Manufacturing Company
A new sludge processing method was developed by the Beta Company, a paper manufacturing company. The new method will shorten the time for transforming sludge into organic fertilizers, which will improve the process of handling...
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Determinants of Consumption Behaviors of Korean Pop Culture in Taiwan
This paper presents a qualitative analysis of associations between intrinsic (e.g., functional), extrinsic (e.g., social) and cultural consumption values, and consumption behavior of Korean pop cultural contents (KPCC) in...
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Bringing Arts Integration to Youth (BRAINY) at Colorado State University
In this chapter, the authors demonstrate how a university Art Education program assists the university art museum and trains students to lead tours for BRAINY (BRinging Arts INtegration to Youth), the museum's educational...
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Are the relationships between mental health issues and being left-behind gendered in China
BACKGROUND: While most existing studies reveal left-behind children (LBC) are prone to suffering from mental health issues, some other literature fails to develop a statistical significance between being left-behind and facing...
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Application of CSK Encryption Algorithm in Video Synergic Command Systems
Video command and dispatch systems have become essential communication safeguard measures in circumstances of emergency rescue, epidemic prevention, and control command as, data security has become especially important. After...
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Woher kommt die Hyle? Eine Analyse zur Landgrebeschen Antwort
Ying-Chien Yang
Apr 22, 2021
In der vorliegenden Arbeit befasse ich mich mit der Problematik derEmpfindung, bzw. der Hyle, in Husserls Phänomenologie und derentsprechenden Auslegung von Ludwig Landgrebe. Husserl verwendet denBegriff der Empfindung, bzw. der...
Developmental Trajectory of the American Yacht Clubs
The yacht industry is one of the leading industries used to guide residents’ increase in consumption. This study analyzes the evolving spatial pattern of yacht clubs in the United States from 1900-2017, aiming to explore the...
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Intelligent Multiparameter Fiber-Optic Sensing for Ocean Observation
Qiying Chen, Liqiu Men
Aug 08, 2014
With the increasing needs for the protection of marine and fresh water environment, there is surging demand for effective technologies to monitor different environmental parameters. Among different new technologies, fiber-optic...
Westernization and Music in China during and after the Qing Dynasty
Anna Chen
Jan 30, 2014
Before the Revolution of 1911, China was a mighty empire dominated by various Chinese ethnic groups in different time periods. In particular, the Han people of the Tang1 and Ming Dynasty and the Man people of the Qing Dynasty2...
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Exploring Consumer Adoption of Mobile Shopping Apps From a Perspective of Elaboration Likelihood Model
Thi Vo, Kuang-Wen Wu
Jan 01, 2022
This study aims to integrate perceived risk into elaboration likelihood model, develop a comprehensive research model to explain dual routes of persuasive communication through various factors affecting individual acceptance and...
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Smart Agriculture and Food Storage System for Asia Continent
Asia is the largest and most populous continent of Earth with an overall population of 446.27 crores. Housing this population drives various challenges in different aspects, in which providing healthy and nutritious food to each...
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Perceived Impediments and Anticipated Solutions to HR (Human Resource) Towards Implementing Industry 4.0 in SMEs
The study aims to evaluate perceived impediments and anticipated solutions to HR while implementing Industry 4.0 initiatives in SMEs. A group of 10 decision-makers from these SMEs was tasked with assigning ratings to a variety...
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Cantonese Children's Songs in Hong Kong
Lily Chen-Hafteck
Nov 19, 2013
A century of British colonial rule over a population of Chinese majority has resulted in a special culture of Hong Kong. While the local people have maintained a considerable amount of the traditional Chinese culture, a very...
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The Study on the Store Image of Hypermarkets
Chiwei Chen
Jul 01, 2021
The purpose of this paper is to examine the important structures of store image and how to improve a hypermarket's store image to affect customer willingness to return. This study found that the greater shopping convenience, a...
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Uncertainty analysis for propagation effects from statistical downscaling to hydrological modelingUncertainty analysis for propagation effects from statistical downscaling to hydrological modeling
Hongjing Wu, Bing Chen
Aug 26, 2014
To understand the water balance and environmental effects under climate change condition, hydrological models are always used to simulate the hydrological cycle and predict future scenarios by using global climate models (GCMs)...
A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Blended Service Quality for Ride-Sharing Continuance
This research aims to elucidate the service quality factors influencing customer satisfaction with ride-sharing services. Particularly, this research compares Chinese and US consumers to identify the influence of national...
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Impact of Capabilities on Firm Value Offering in the E-Commerce Service Setting
E-commerce and online shopping have changed the retail environment. At present, companies rely on extensive customization of information systems and business processes in order to provide enhanced online customer service...
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Business Analytics/Business Intelligence and IT Infrastructure
This is an empirical research investigating the impact of business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) use, IT infrastructure flexibility, and their interactions on organizational agility. Synthesizing the systems...
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From Learning Literature to Online Holistic Education
This study utilizes the literature education section of an online holistic environment to: (1) develop a literature education survey based on Miller’s (2007) theory of holistic education, (2) explore the effect of students’...
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