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A Self-Assessment Framework for Global Supply Chain Operations
This research developed an effective supply chain management (SCM) operation model and a corresponding diagnostic methodology in the global competitive environment by combining three phases and methodologies. In Phases 1, a list...
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Effects of Utilitarian and Hedonic Emotion on the Use of Online Banking Services
The online banking service is the key element for the development of e-commerce and e-businesses. It provides users with convenient daily transaction services, such as wire transfer and online payment. Past studies on online...
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Implementation of a Human Motion Capture System Based on the Internet of Things Machine Vision
Fang Yu
Feb 21, 2022
The classification of the stereo matching comprehensive analysis related algorithm model can be subdivided into local stereo matching based on the entire acquisition and global stereo matching based on the entire local. But it...
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A Review of Chinese E-Commerce Research 2001-2020
This study reviewed EC studies in China. A total of 1,982 journal articles published between 2001 and 2020 were collected from the Web of Science database. In addition, it referred to the Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social...
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Quality Improvement Incentive Strategy in Agricultural Products Supply Chain Under Social Preference
Yanhong Qin, Kai Guo
Nov 01, 2021
This paper sets Stackelberg model of bilateral quality efforts decision dominated by supermarket in the agricultural products supply chain by considering fairness concern and altruistic reciprocity. We use backward induction...
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Attitudes Towards Global Warming on Twitter
Fang Qiao, Kexin Jiang
Sep 01, 2021
Public opinion surveys over the past thirty years show that public opinion is split on the issue of global warming. One of the problems with “solicited” opinion polls is that the findings may be selectively interpreted in favour...
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Topic Modelling and Sentiment Analysis of Global Warming Tweets
With the increasing extreme weather events and various disasters, people are paying more attention to environmental issues than ever, particularly global warming. Public debate on it has grown on various platforms, including...
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Issues in Providing English as a Second Language Training to Refugees
English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is a vital part of integrating refugees who do not speak the language into their new home in Newfoundland and Labrador. Given the importance of communicating in an official language...
The Research of Social Network Analysis on College Students' Interactive Relations
Chang Chen, Min Chen
Apr 01, 2021
Nowadays the number of college students' suicides are increasing for the insufficient social support or poor interpersonal relations. Furthermore, not much attention has been concerned to students' interpersonal relations when...
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Who Should Open Offline Showrooms?
The consumption experience is taken seriously by consumers, and increasingly, firms open offline showrooms for this. Showrooms can help to resolve the uncertainty of consumer perceived value and brand preference in online...
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The Circumplex Model for Structuring Career Anchors of the IT/IS Personnel
A quantitative study involving Mainland China (the PRC), Taiwan, India, the UAE, and the US, five areas with 852 responses of IT/IS personnel data towards building a more suitable Circumplex Career Anchor Model for IT/IS...
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Factors Influencing Consumer Intention to Subscribe to the Premium Music Streaming Services in China
This study investigates the causes impacting the consumers' intention of the premium music streaming services' subscription in China. An integrated model called the Theory of Streaming Service Acceptance (TSSA) is proposed to...
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Towards the Customers' Intention to Use QR Codes in Mobile Payments
This research studies the motivation of customers to choose the QR code as a payment tool by developing an integrated model based on UTAUT 424 valid responses were collected from diversified socio-economic backgrounds to...
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The Analysis of Global RMB Exchange Rate Forecasting and Risk Early Warning Using ARIMA and CNN Model
The purposes are to predict exchange rate fluctuations more accurately and enhance Chinese enterprises’ ability to avoid exchange rate risks. Renminbi (RMB) exchange rate fluctuation’s prediction methods are studied based on...
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Assessing the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Pre-Service Science Teachers at a South African University
The purpose of this study was to investigate preservice science teachers' proficiency levels regarding their practical knowledge of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK-P). A sample of 103 third- and fourth-year...
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Knowledge Fusion Based on Cloud Computing Environment for Long-Term Care
Globally, aging is now a societal trend and challenge in many developed and developing countries. A key medical strategy that a fast-paced aging society must consider is the provision of quality long-term care (LTC) services....
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Using Online Social Networks to Globalize and Popularize Product Brands in Different Cultural Areas
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influential factors of online social network advertising in three different cultural areas, being China, India, and the US. This study uses the Social Capital Theory (SCT), and...
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Exploring College Students' Deeper Learning Perceptions in the Blended Learning Environment
With the rapid development of information communication technology (ICT) in teaching, deeper learning has become an essential competency for success in the 21st-century classroom. College students' deeper learning assessments...
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Career Anchors of IT/IS Personnel
While career anchors have mainly studied in the US society; this study demonstrates the difference in the career anchors of the information technology/information system (IT/IS) personnel rooted in different cultures. The survey...
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Automatic Generation of ROP Through Static Instructions Assignment and Dynamic Memory Analysis
W⊕X is a protection mechanism against control-flow hijacking attacks. Return-oriented programming (ROP) can perform a specific function by searching for appropriate assembly instruction fragments (gadgets) in a code segment and...
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Recommendation and Sentiment Analysis Based on Consumer Review and Rating
Accurate analysis and recommendation on products based on online reviews and rating data play an important role in precisely targeting suitable consumer segmentations and therefore can promote merchandise sales. This study uses...
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Building an Internet-Based Knowledge Ontology for Trademark Protection
Global online sales for products, where many are substantially identical or deceptively similar, are the cause of a growing number of trademark (TM) infringement lawsuits. This research proposes an intelligent trademark legal...
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Explaining and Predicting Helpfulness and Funniness of Online Reviews on the Steam Platform
Online review is a crucial display content of many online shopping platforms and an essential source of product information for consumers. Low-quality reviews often cause inconvenience to the platform and review readers. This...
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Trust, Perceived Benefit, and Purchase Intention in C2C E-Commerce
It is a class research question about how trust and perceived benefit affect consumers' purchase intentions. This research examines the relationship in a very different context: consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce in China. ...
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The Impact of Mobile Educational Games on Contemporary Users' Learning Behavior
The purpose is to cope with mobile educational game users' low continuous utilization rate. This thesis innovatively introduces the deep learning technology to study and the relationship between the mobile educational game and...
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