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Synthesis of Controllable Cu Shells on Au Nanoparticles with Electrodeposition
Bimetallic Cu on Au nanoparticles with controllable morphology and optical properties were obtained via electrochemical synthesis. In particular, multilobed structures with good homogeneity were achieved through the optimization...
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The objective of this study was to find out how language is spoken in a particular region; in particular, it was to investigate aspects of Canadian Raising in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The study was limited to instances of...
Facilitating the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector in Readiness for Industry 4.0
The manufacturing sector of Malaysia is an essential part of its economic system. Malaysia holds a remarkable position in the global market through the exports of manufacturing products. However, this sector faces challenges...
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Quelques designations de l'arum tachete (Arum macula/urn L.) dans les dialectes gallo-romans et daco-roumains
La motivation sémantique, source de la création lexicale, est une réalité qui a été mise en évidence dans de nombreuses études, partant sur le lexique lui-meme (voir l'Atlas Linguarum Europae ALE, l'Atlas Linguistique Roman...
A HEVC Video Steganalysis Against DCT/DST-Based Steganography
The development of video steganography has put forward a higher demand for video steganalysis. This paper presents a novel steganalysis against discrete cosine/sine transform (DCT/DST)-based steganography for high efficiency...
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Sustainable Smart Homes and Community Happiness in the Malaysian Context
Sustainable smart houses are one of the methods through which all these factors can be touched upon because such houses provide social well-being and cause less damage to the environment. Therefore, this study analysed the...
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Analyse comparative de la montée du populisme aux États-Unis et en Europe.
Alexis Heros
Sep 11, 2018
Les dernières années au sein de la société occidentale furent marquées par de multiples instabilités politiques sous la forme d’un concept : le populisme. Dans cette recherche, nous analysons les causes de la montée du populisme...
Towards a Text-World Approach to Translation and Its Pedagogical Implications
Lu Tian, Hui Wang
Jul 01, 2019
Although it is widely acknowledged that translation is a cognitive process, there is scarcely any study establishing connections between the text and mental representations and giving a systematic and comprehensive explanation...
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Influence of Virtual Experience Immersion, Product Control, and Stimulation on Advertising Effects
Hui Lin
Jan 01, 2022
With advances in communication technologies, virtual reality (VR) has become increasing popular. This study investigated the influence of virtual experiences on advertising effects. A 2 (virtual experience immersion: high vs....
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Dual-Channel Supply Chain Coordination With BOPS and a Revenue-Sharing Contract
Hui Li
Jan 01, 2022
The omni-channel strategies buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPS) is used to cater to customers who want a consistent service experience in different channels. In this paper, the author thinks of BOPS as an effective strategy for...
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Expérience d’autrui et érotisme chez Henry et Sartre
Grégori Jean
Dec 20, 2016
Afin d’introduire notre propos, nous souhaiterons d’abord insister sur deux desavancées herméneutiques fondamentales qu’ont à nos yeux rendues possibles letravail mené depuis 2010 au Fonds Michel Henry de l’université de...
Evaluation of Tourism E-Commerce User Satisfaction
According to the UNWTO, within 4 to 5 years, the proportion of tourism e-commerce in e-commerce will reach 20%-25%. The purpose of this paper is to improve the inadequacy of tourism e-commerce in customer experience, to conduct...
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Effects of Visuospatial Cues on Instructional Static and Dynamic Visualizations on Learner Mental Model Constructions
Hui-Yu Yang
Jan 01, 2022
This empirical study investigated whether progressive visuospatial cues presented in a self-regulatory mode could help learners understand the operation of a mechanical system. The learners’ prior knowledge and cueing condition...
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L’intériorité pathique des mots
Cesare Del Mastro
Dec 20, 2016
Si la phénoménologie de Michel Henry renvoie l’humain à son ancrage dans la vieauto-affective, comment aborder dans un tel cadre philosophique deux des traitspropres au vivant humain, à savoir le langage et la création...
Maximum-Entropy-Based Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory and Its Application in Emergency Management
Decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) can visualize the structure of complex causal relationships, so it is widely used in decision making. One of the important steps in DEMATEL is normalization, and it has...
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A Blended Learning Approach
Su Yong, Kung Tiong
Jan 01, 2022
This study explored students’ motivation and difficulties in learning programming in a blended learning environment. The face-to-face classroom instructions were blended with digital learning instructions. The study adopted a...
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HEVC Information-Hiding Algorithm Based on Intra-Prediction and Matrix Coding
Yong Liu, Dawen Xu
Nov 01, 2021
Aiming at the problem that the data hiding algorithm of high efficiency video coding (HEVC) has great influence on the video bit rate and visual quality, an information hiding algorithm based on intra prediction mode and matrix...
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Decomposition and Decoupling of Regional Carbon Emissions
This paper applies the logarithmic mean divisia index to explore the decomposition and decoupling of sectoral carbon emissions across four provinces in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). The results show that (1) the YRD experienced...
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Citrus Huanglongbing Recognition Algorithm Based on CKMOPSO
In view of the similarity of characteristics between the features of the disease images and the large dimension, and the features correlation of the disease images, this will lead to the generation of feature redundancy, and...
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Technology Entrepreneurship of Large State-Owned Firms in Emerging Economies
Firms in emerging economies face greater resource constraints and higher levels of firm informality than those in developed economies. Particularly, large state-owned firms struggle for survival when encountering intense...
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Technology-Enabled Mobilization in the Emergence of a Value Co-Creating Ecosystem
Mobilization has been an important management issue in business interaction, but the role of technology in the mobilization process is little investigated, particularly with regard to the rising phenomena of platforms and...
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Patent Analysis in the 5G Network
In recent years, 5G has been the focus of research and development in the telecom industry. This paper aims to understand the development trend and technical hot spots of 5G technology through the patent analysis and build a...
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Online Learning Behavior Feature Mining Method Based on Decision Tree
This research mainly discusses the design of online learning behavior feature mining method based on decision tree. Data collection is the real-time collection of online learning behavior data from distance learning websites....
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La Grammaire au Service de la Galanterie? Analyse de Les « Vous » et les « Tu » de Voltaire
In his epistle Les "Vous" et les "Tu", Voltaire calls his sweetheart "tu" and"valls" alternately. He could use the familiar address when she was youngand unambitious, but now that she has become a rich and distant lady...