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Analyse comparative de la montée du populisme aux États-Unis et en Europe.
Alexis Heros
Sep 11, 2018
Les dernières années au sein de la société occidentale furent marquées par de multiples instabilités politiques sous la forme d’un concept : le populisme. Dans cette recherche, nous analysons les causes de la montée du populisme...
Quelques designations de l'arum tachete (Arum macula/urn L.) dans les dialectes gallo-romans et daco-roumains
La motivation sémantique, source de la création lexicale, est une réalité qui a été mise en évidence dans de nombreuses études, partant sur le lexique lui-meme (voir l'Atlas Linguarum Europae ALE, l'Atlas Linguistique Roman...
L' acceptation du compliment
This research analyzes the acceptance of compliments in Cameroun French,showing, first, that it is a macro-act of hybrid discourse, generally composedof a principle act, the expression of thanks, and of one or more...
L’accord du participe passé en ancien roumain
Adina Dragomirescu
May 16, 2014
This paper is a descriptive investigation of past participle agreement in Old Romanian. It is shown that the passive past participle constantly agreed with the subject; in contrast, the past participle serving as a tense/mood...
A Multi-Objective Differential Evolutionary Optimization Method for Performance Optimization of Cloud Application
Due to the limited search space in the existing performance optimization ap-proaches at software architectures of cloud applications (SAoCA) level, it is difficult for these methods to obtain the cloud resource usage scheme with...
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Oct 05, 2013
Dans cet article, nous discutons de l’interaction apprenant-tâche-dictionnaire à l’ordinateur. Nous faisons un survol de la littérature en lexicographie pédagogique dédiée...
Spatiotemporal Evolution of NPP in Sandy Land of China's Seasonal Freezing-Thawing Typical Region
Jingfa Wang, Huishi Du
Jan 01, 2022
Based on the data set of AVHRR GIMMS, TERRA/AQUA MODIS NDVI, and climate data from 1982 to 2018, CASA model, GIS spatial analysis, and mathematical statistics were used to study the changing law in the category of time and...
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While Michel Henry is, in the words of Jean Leclercq, “l’un des plus grandspenseurs français du XXème siècle,” his philosophical contributions remained,throughout his career, anomalous or eccentric, in the etymological sense of...
The Effects of Image-Based Online Reviews on Customers' Perception Across Product Type and Gender
Yuming Liu, Rong Du
Jul 01, 2019
Online vendors consider image online reviews as an important format to improve customers' buying decision. Prior research examined the influence of review presentation format, but did not focus on image format. Little is known...
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Exploration of Financial Market Credit Scoring and Risk Management and Prediction Using Deep Learning and Bionic Algorithm
Peng Du, Hong Shu
Jan 01, 2022
The purpose is to effectively manage the financial market, comprehensive assess personal credit, reduce the risk of financial enterprises. Given the systemic risk problem caused by the lack of credit scoring in the existing...
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Are Satisfied Customers Willing to Pay More for Extra Services?
5G service refers to the mobile services built on the 5th generation telecommunication technology. It enhances end user experience of mobile internet surfing significantly. The high bandwidth of 5G technologies offers vendors...
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Research on the Uniqueness and Characteristic Development of University Library Cultural Services
Xincai Wang, Xin Xie
Jan 01, 2020
Characteristic development is a process of intentionally solidifying and cultivating something's uniqueness. This article analyzes the uniqueness of university library cultural services in comparison with those provided by other...
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The Relationship Between Bitcoin and Stock Market
This article analyzes the relationship between Bitcoin and the stock market by using a vector autoregressive model. To enhance the impulse response signal, the Sliding Window technique is applied. Study results show the...
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By Means of Critical Theory
Gabriele Strohschen
Apr 03, 2020
So-termed non-traditional adult students have become a key target for marketing efforts in higher education, and non-conventional, accelerated paths to university-issued degrees are the lure du jour in the business of selling...
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Examining the Effect of Reviewer Socioeconomic Status Disclosure on Customers' Purchase Intention
Yuming Liu, Rong Du
Jul 01, 2020
Image reviews can directly indicate socioeconomic status (SES) of reviewers, which is completely different from text reviews. However, image reviews are under the way to be deeply explored the effect of reviewers' SES...
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Research on the Rules of Electronic Evidence in Chinese Criminal Proceedings
As a new object in judicial practice, electronic evidence is of great practical significance. To locate the probative force of electronic evidence, which can be used to prove the facts of the crime, judging the electronic...
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Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Chatbot for Effective COVID-19 Information Delivery to Older Adults
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic poses a threat to the everyday life of people worldwide and brings challenges to the global health system. During this outbreak, it is critical to find creative ways to extend the...
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A Light Recommendation Algorithm of We-Media Articles Based on Content
Since the explosive growth of we-medias today, personalized recommendation is playing an increasingly important role to help users to find their target articles in vast amounts of data. Deep learning, on the other hand, has...
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On the system of numeration in Efik
Eyo O. Mensah
Oct 05, 2013
This paper is a response to Olderroge 1984 that Efik does not have a system of number beyond one thousand, since according to the claim, the word for thousand in Efik is tosin, a recent borrowing from English and assimilated...
Shona metaphors created during the Zimbabwe crisis
Shona is a Southern Bantu language that is spoken by about 75% of Zimbabweans. This article discusses the nature of metaphors that were created by Shona speakers in speaking of the Zimbabwean political and socio-economic crisis....
De la philosophie de la religion dans l’oeuvre de Landgrebe
Sylvain Camilleri
Apr 22, 2021
Nombreux sont les premiers disciples de Husserl à s’être intéressés de prèsà la religion. Landgrebe ne fait pas exception à la règle, même si j’entendsmontrer qu’il constitue plutôt un cas à part. Pourquoi donc ? Parce que...
A Summary of the Development of Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Sharing
In recent years, the sharing of cybersecurity threat intelligence (hereinafter referred to as threat intelligence) has received increasing attention from national network security management organizations and network security...
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Joint Model-Based Attention for Spoken Language Understanding Task
Intent determination (ID) and slot filling (SF) are two critical steps in the spoken language understanding (SLU) task. Conventionally, most previous work has been done for each subtask respectively. To exploit the dependencies...
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Research on Threat Information Network Based on Link Prediction
The study of complex networks is to discover the characteristics of these connections and to discover the nature of the system between them. Link prediction method is a classic in the study of complex networks. It ca not only...
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