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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Bone Fracture Detection
The objective of the paper is to present the techniques of Artificial Intelligence based on deep learning that can be applied to detect fractures in bones on X-rays. The paper comprises of discussions of various entities....
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Prioritizing Financial Crises Due to COVID-19
In order to reduce the community-transmission of the novel coronavirus, precautionary measures require major attention. Reducing coronavirus transmission in the Indian population has included utilization of protective masks...
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Impact of Mobile Banking Application Interactivity on Consumer Engagement
Amit Shankar
Dec 13, 2021
The study aims to examine the impact of mobile banking (m-banking) application interactivity on consumer engagement. The study also analyses the moderation effects of perceived security concerns, consumer innovativeness, and...
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The Intricacies of Trust in Technology
Aditya Mishra
Oct 01, 2020
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the intricacies of trust in an institutional setting with the help of a case entailing a clash between Apple and the FBI in a situation that was both politically and emotionally complex....
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Island-Matrix Inhomogeneous Deformation Behavior, Formation of Deformation Band, and BUT Forming of DP Steel
Amit Rana, Partha Dey
Jan 01, 2022
Islands-Matrix-Dual-phase (I-M-DP) steel is received a great deal attention for better concern with the emissivity, fuel consumption and passengers safety. A number of deformation plasticity issues are yet to be fully...
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Effective Selection of Entities From Heterogeneous and Large Resources Using a Cooperative Neuro-Fuzzy System
This paper focuses on using the cooperative neuro-fuzzy system for the effective and customised selection of entities from large and heterogeneous resources by presenting a general architecture. An experiment is carried out with...
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MCDM Approach for Mitigation of Flooding Risks in Odisha (India) Based on Information Retrieval
Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) provides a suitable platform for groups as well as promotion of the participants' role in decision processes. This also enables the development of real participatory processes essential for...
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Enhancing Behavioral Dependency for Effective Computing in Software
Software plays an important role in effective computing and communication of any services. It become crucial to identify some critical parts of the software that can lead to enhanced computing and increases efficiency of the...
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An Analysis of Gyan Milk Products in Lucknow
The success of every corporate organization depends on marketing. In today's market, the dairy sector has significant growth potential. Marketing mix tactics, consumer survey marketing and competition analysis are some of the...
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Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks for Accurate Event Detection
Event detection at its initial stage is considerably most demanding and more importantly challenging to reduce the causes and damages. The GPS-enabled sensor nodes are possibly a solution for the location estimation, but having...
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Information and Communication Technology Adoption Strategies of Emerging Multinationals From India
The growth and rising prominence of multinationals from emerging markets (eMNCs) mark a significant phase in the evolution of the world economy in the last decade. This study investigates the effect of eMNCs' institutional...
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Fuzzy Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservancy Facilities in Reuse
Amit Sharma, Shen Han
Jul 01, 2021
It is increasingly important to reuse the wastewater conservancy facilities, which can further promote the development of agricultural economy. The basis of full investigation and research on the wastewater conservancy...
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A Review of Faculty Self-Assessment TPACK Instruments (January 2006 – March 2020)
Kristin Scott
Apr 01, 2021
Since Mishra and Koehler released their framework of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK), researchers have been attempting to measure it with a variety of self-assessment instruments. Early TPACK instruments...
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Gamification and Gen Z in Higher Education
Research has found that the new-age learner, Gen Z, is different from his/ her predecessors and hence educators need new age pedagogical interventions to cater to this group of learners. With a change in the way the new age...
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The Pandemic COVID-19 and Its Impact on Indian Agricultural Sectors
The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a major panic among the agricultural sectors as well as the farmers in India owing to its’ transmissions, severity, and a lack of proper treatment methodology. From the cross-sectional study...
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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning-Based Information Retrieval Framework for Assessing Student Performance
S. Gupta, Niraj Mishra
Jan 01, 2022
Improving the quality of education is a challenging activity in every educational institution. Through this research paper, a model has been proposed representing the challenges in order to manage the trade-off to maintain the...
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Learning How to Learn
This article describes how every learner is a unique creative individual responsible for paving his/her own way of learning in a preclusion of external restraints. Learners apply a bunch of idiosyncratic means to segue the...
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A Review of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools and Customer Experience in Online Fashion Retail
Artificial Intelligence tools and processes have hugely impacted the ecommerce industry and the satisfaction of online customers. With technology largely pervading all facets of our lives, people want meaningful experiences....
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The Moderating Role of Gender on Pathos and Logos in Online Shopping Behavior
Many research studies and observations have made it evident that there exists a difference between the shopping behavior of the male and female. The objective of this research paper is to explore the moderation effect of gender...
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A Proposal for Research on the Application of AI/ML in ITPM
According to the market research firm Tractica, the global artificial intelligence software market is forecast to grow to 126 billion by 2025. Additionally, the Gartner group predicts that during the same time as much as 80% of...
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An Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Inference System for Prediction of Muscle Strength of Farmers in India
In the present study, 13 anthropometric hand dimensions, hand grip strength, push strength, and pull strength of 90 male farmers of Odisha in India were statistically analyzed and then, fuzzy logic toolbox of MATLAB version 2010...
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IoT-Based Framework for Smart Agriculture
Agriculture plays an important role in the making and development of a country. In India, agriculture is the primary source of living for more than about 60% of its population. The agriculture-related issues always hinder the...
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Research on Linear Programming Algorithm for Mathematical Model of Agricultural Machinery Allocation
The objective of this paper is to study the linear programming algorithm of the mathematical model of agricultural machinery allocation when there are many farmland projects and cross operations. In this paper, combined with the...
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Finite Element Modelling for Failure Prevention of Coated Piston Compression Ring
Finite element simulation using ANSYS software, to analyze the effect of coating layers of different materials on piston compression ring. Similar material properties to that in the actual structural piston-compression-ring were...
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An Analysis of Safety Practices of Farmers in Odisha (India) for Sustainable Agriculture
An in-depth review of literature was done in this study which was further followed by consultation and discussion with experts and farmers in the agricultural sectors of Odisha (India) in view of the adoptability perception and...
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